MPG inspirations

Interest in music developed early. Like similar inspiring musicians MPG played in post high school cover album bands over the years, never forming a band of his own. Later teaming up with local talent drummer and good friend in the early 80's MPG envisioned a future to compose a unique style of music.

Over the years

MPG's preference has been focused on original material. Music interests began with Classical then Bass Guitar, years following was inclined to change music style to Rock influences and drawing inspiration from bands of the day (1978) and since continued to record and produce singles of Industrial Rock/Pop crossover material.
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Stormy Weather

Discography from 2015-2017 Traditional and Experimental Rock with Power Pop

Travel Train
Digital Weirdness

Discography from 1989-1990 is a collection of Rock, Electronic infused Industrial Mix

All Productions: (MPG - Electric and Acoustic Guitars, Bass, Keyboards, Digital Drums Mixdown and Graphics.)

MPG Media

The Bottom Line

I have been influenced by a wide range of musicians and styles that contain elements of crossover material, yet is presented with a strong feeling for the great tradition of post-Rock guitar through which the creation process shines. As a musician, MPG is original and who is not recorded to the extent of his desired talent.

Home studio

When moments of inspiration arrive, recording digital tracks on the TASCAM 8-track digital portastudio. With multieffects processor stereo reverb and dedicated stereo channel for recording and sharing my mixed music.

Bringing it together

The music production process is always unique to the artist. Writing a song and often, the demo recording is part of my songwriting process. Rather than spending money on acoustic treatments my studio is packaged to be mobile while allowing simultaneous connectivity and keeping the space simple and productive.


A clean decisive production, in many ways edgy and technical.

How to have your tracks considered for Airplay
If you think your music would fit nicely on mpgradio, please send it to us. We support unsigned and independent artists, and we want to help great music get heard. Please follow these instructions mentioned below.

General Electronic (Digital) Submissions
Please submit a single folder with material (mp3 audio only); named with your band name and song list We may put your music on any channels that we feel it fits, this just helps us know what basic genre of the music. It never hurts to include a text file with a little info about yourself and where people can buy or download your music.

I am constantly challenged, I work with amazing people.

If you contact me be patient, im not always checking social media.