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The ARChive of Contemporary Music

We preserve copies of each version of every recording, in all known formats, and have electronically catalogued more than 300,000 sound recordings – more than any other public, university or private library in America. Contact Us...


How to have your tracks considered for Airplay. If you think your music would fit nicely on mpgradio, Contact us...


MPG Radio supports unsigned and independent artists, and we want to help great music get heard. We rely entirely on you to keep us on the air. We'll be there for you, but we need your financial help. mpgradio is entirely listener-supported and from time to time listeners of MPG Radio want to show the appreciation to the volunteers of MPG Radio and want to give something back. In the case you feel the same we give you the chance to say Thank you to the volunteers directly. Any donations will motivate the volunteers of MPG Radio even more..

OUR People

MPG Radio is entirely volunteer-driven. The voices on the airwaves, the behind-the-scenes production, the constantly growing music library, none of it would happen without the help of our small but incredibly talented team of dedicated volunteers that strives to create programming that reflects the diversity of music and its community and audience. MPG Radio cares about making the voices and music you don’t find in mainstream radio heard loud and clear. We want to help empower our listener community and make interesting internet radio happen. If you’re curious about any part of internet radio, MPG Radio is where you want to be.

Wayne Urie
A&R Music Scout | Junkyard

From our perspective Wayne has always been a curator of life experiences, gatherings and great music which is only fitting in his role as our remote Music Scout to the Station "JUNKYARD". Wayne loves to search for obscure, hard to find music to bring back to the station for inclusion to the station. This is evident where wayne thrives in the dark recesses of internet music blogs and message boards to find artists that you most likely never heard of and despite talk of the decline of A&R people, there will always be a need for people who can spot talent.

Martin Rampersad
Back-End Development

Martin has a remarkable ability to program and systematically design some of the most efficient and effective code on the planet. As Founder & Chief Technology Officer of a successful information technology group we are fortunate to have his volunteer services when available. Martin has been a solid supporter of our stations vision and one of the reasons we are a far ahead as we are today. Martins knowledge of music extends over generations and includes some of the most creative genres such as gaming electronica.

Mike Gagne
Program and Music Director

While I.T is Mikes primary daily business ensuring timely and accurate websites and communications mediums. Music and tech is a key motivational component inspiring the birth of MPG Radio. Mike has been influenced by a wide range of styles containing elements of crossover material, presented with a strong feeling for the great tradition of post-Rock. The music production process is always unique to the artist and if we can provide a medium for the creation process to shine, MPG Radio can be that place.

How to have your tracks considered for Airplay - If you think your music would fit nicely on mpgradio, please contact us. (General Electronic (Digital) Submissions) - Please submit a single folder with material (mp3 audio only); named with your band /artist name and song list , this just helps us know what basic genre of the music. It never hurts to include a text file with a little info about yourself and where people can buy or download your music. Once contact has been made you will need to upload your selected music to our servers allowing us permission to play your music. We cant play everyone as we need to keep our rotaton balanced.

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