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About: Dixie Alley is a “Blues Influenced” Rock musical project from Indiana, USA. Dixie Alley began as a Blues project, and evolved into what we can listen to on the Debut Album “719”. Dixie Alley is influenced by artists such as Eric Clapton, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and Bob Marley to name a few artists. Dixie Alley's songs are about life, love and loss.
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Artist: DRES_

About: We are a band from Houston, Texas. We were brought together and built upon a foundation of “good vibes,” and “individuality.” No two of us are the same. Where we come together is the mutual understanding of each other’s differences and our undying passion for music. We are Dres_. We are an experience.
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About: The Israeli band released their debut single “Seven” in December of 2018, they describes the track as “a rock style themed ballad” the single has been followed up with five more singles during 2019 and early 2020. Songs have recieved critical acclaim for the deep lyrics and a now “classic rock style” refreshed for a new generation.
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About: A Singer / Songwriter who infuses both R&B with Pop music creates songs that reflect many artistic forms. Soulful and energetic are only a few words to describe the style of Jae Cabrera’s music. A veteran to the music industry, Jae’s music not only reflects today’s trendy sounds, it keeps his listeners wanting more.
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About: JJ’s MUSIC RETALIATION are an experimental alternative rock/funk band out of Ontario who play to their own slightly eccentric rules. Fronted by JJ Hendrix (vocals/guitar), they are looking to go beyond conventional genre types and mash up all kinds of musical expression. His influences span all the way from Led Zeppelin and the Red Hot Chilli Peppe
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About: Alt-rockers from the Jersey Shore with a new album called "Late Bloomer".
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About: a Swedish heavy metal band that has so far released six albums and one EP worldwide. The band has toured with Motörhead, Manowar, DIO, Saxon, Iced Earth, Nevermore, U.D.O. The catalog features appearances by members and ex-members of KISS, Megadeth, King Diamond, HammerFall, Symphony X, Yngwie Malmsteen.
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About: Matlen Starsley Band is a new musical project featuring former and current members of the Bryan Adams Band, The Ray Roper Project, Stonebolt, Touchdown, Straight Shooter and Fandango, and along with Matechuk include veterans Kevin "Bubba" Star- Guitar and Vocals, Jim Wesley- Drums, and Don Lennox- Bass and Vocals.
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About: Regular Gonzales is an Australian Heavy Metal band, combining bluesy riffs and harsh breakdowns, wrapped in a sludge metal blanket. In the vein of Every Time I Die, Converge & The Sword. They are co-founders of the SCHEMA Collective, an alliance of local bands who put on their own shows and spread a positive message of unity within the scene.
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Artist: REISE

About: Reise (rī-sə) returns with their new single, Thought You Should Know, following the modest grassroots success of their 2016 debut album, Lake (deluxe). “Thought You Should Know” is a heartfelt track dealing with the realization and acceptance that something has failed while knowing that one must pick up and move on whether one wants to or not.
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About: Ross Seddon began his musical journey upon leaving school in 1971 at Maidstone in Melbourne, Australia. Ross was encouraged to develop a natural talent of song writing. With Tony Naylor's assistance, Ross's first recording was at Armstrong Studio's South Melbourne in 1973. Ross undertook vocal lessons in that period.
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About: All Music and copyrights are owned by Sergio Serravalle protected by SIAE and in the world I live in Italy where I was born. There was a guitar hidden in the closet and it wasn't for me. That's how love with music started. I think a musician has to create, I hope something will come to those who listen to me. I hope so. Playing the mus
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About: Our music is a mixture of different genres and influences, most likely because we are an eight-members band and every one of us brought something on his/her own. With rock music as a foundation, we place layers of compatible styles and our sound is sometimes more bluesy or pop, or country but, basically, it all comes down to R’n’R!
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Artist: SIVLE

About: SIVLE (Elvis spelled backwards and pronounced 'civil') is an Indie Soft-Rock band from Brantford Ontario Canada. Featuring family members --- Joan Minnery on lead vocals, her son Bill on lead guitar, her brother Bob on rhythm acoustic and friend Dan Taylor on Drums. While a cover band from the 50s-Today, they have released several original tunes
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About: The Remus Tucker Band is a hard hittin southern rock band from Denver Colorado. Their music brings different worlds together: from the energy of guitar driven hard rock, the intimacy of country to the raw emotion of the blues, anything goes!
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About: TolbertToz is…Joy Tolbert and Tim Toz - Joy & Tim’s long-distance collaboration is a culmination of songwriting, studio and live experience and the innate fondness of similar tastes in Rock & Pop. They usually land on the same page. But new ideas spark new conversations and... new songs. That's where the fun is.
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About: Philly-based Tracy Colletto has garnered comparisons to Carole King, Jonatha Brooke and Joni Mitchell for her songwriting and vocal style. Her music is inspired by personal perseverance and far-away places.
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About: From East Sussex, England, brothers Henry & Jack Baldwin along with their friend Ed Barnes make up “Wild Horse” Their sound is a blend of charming Indie, soulful jazz, classic rock sprinkled with catchy pop hooks that will keep you up all night.
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Artist: YYNOT

About: YYNOT® was the coming together of award-winning Guitarist/Songwriter/Producer Billy Alexander and Florida based virtuoso bassist Tim Starace, Vocalist -Rocky Kuner and Drummer Joel Stevenett. ‘YYNOT’ pride themselves on perfectly accurate representations of the Rush catalog as well as releasing “Rush-esque” original material..
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