Music for Artists - Login

This is where you login to your Music for Artists, streams performance and loyalty, listener discovery and time-lines of your music stream potential. All Streams are subject to listener-ship placement and duration, this allows us to build a better play-lists to sort popular music and promote music that listener-ship desires. BSP (Backstage Pass) is an artists tool that collects the data daily and makes this information available to the artist. Access is available to artist we rotate, have registered for Stream Tweet services, donated and are included on the Cryptro Nero Playlist in Choon.
Artist Name
(The name you provided during your stream tweet registration)
(The ID we sent to you for access) if you are uncertian of your ID you can reach out to us.

By logging and using backstage pass you give MPG Radio permission to work with your music as defined in the terms and conditions

MPG Radio ID- One MPG Radio ID is all an artist needs to access all MPG Radio services.