Bronze Silver Gold Diamond & Platinum

Listener Award levels display the pinnacle of listener success on our INDIE streams effective as of 2018.

The Listener awards below are earned by artists who have met the listening standards, and recipients join the ranks of the most iconic INDIE artists on MPG Radio. The MPG Radio Music Listener Awards will bring a unique perspective on the artists and display the milestones reached on a song in the form of an Award and this fine accomplishment on their success.

Listening Standards: The audit is conducted against listener presence. If the duration of that listener remains for more than 1 minute on any song streamed, a vote is collected to build ratings that quantify award levels. What this means is that 100 and above is equal to the total listeners for the artist or group, results are calculated and published weekly.

Award Levels: Bronze (100+) Silver (500+) Gold (1000+) Diamond (5000+) Platinum (10000+)


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