CHARTS 20 & TOP 100 | Week of Wednesday 27th of January 2021

How The Chart works - Our station streams collects listener presence for the purpose of building music popularity. To do this we identify if a connection is active on any particular stream for 1 minute or more. Listening to a stations song for more than one minute adds a "plus one" upvote towards the station and artist listened. The more listeners that listen to any given artist, the more listener upvotes they collect. This in turn feeds the results of the Charts.

Number One Song today is playing on Shocklore Music Stream with Malicious Grind - Self Destruct

TOP 20

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TOP 100

#1 P C III - Almost Time
#2 Fallen to Flux - Disenchanted
#3 The Freeharmonic Orchestra - USSA
#4 Chrissy Blazier - Mr. Mystery
#5 Eye Spy - Eyeball
#6 Inner Circles - Possession
#7 Jay Luke - Keep your head up kid
#8 Jonathan - Without You
#9 Kambridge - Alien
#10 Pauley Lane Band - Rachael
#11 RAE - Love in Color
#12 Right Club Foot - Save the Planet
#13 SHOCKLORE - In Your Face
#14 Small Dogs Bite - Why do I Sit
#15 Soda Blonde - Swimming Through The Night
#16 Sunrise Drive - Gut It Out
#17 The Arrangement - Burning Alive
#18 The Frankie Paul Band - Feel So Free
#19 Anonymous420 - Buy a multitap to jam with som
#20 Anonymous420 - Echo Blues Effect
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