Song Submission - Music Placement

The world of on-demand music streaming has never been more crowded. As more and more listeners shy away from physical recordings in favor of massive online music libraries, music streaming services keep popping up, each offering a varied amount of songs, features, and its own quirks. But only MPG Radio has a choice few that has what it takes to join our rotations of the best music streaming services that stick to traditional no cost music where you have the opportunity to listen to unsigned independent artists.


Follow our stream broadcast on Spinner, Twitter or follow us on Facebook to easily learn when your favorite artist is playing or learn more about artists played.
Stream Tweet is a social media tool that auto "Tweets our Stream" when a specific artists music is played directly to twitter feeds. Any Artist included in our music rotation on any station that has a twitter account can subscribe to re-tweet their music when their music is played until you choose to stop the service; Twitter followers will be able to discover your music anytime when played on our station. We encourage you to consider this service.

Stream Spinner is our parent stream feed promoting INTERNET Radio Music directly to twitter accounts. Artists who have registered their twitter name with us (MPG Radio) are listed in Stream Spinner when played, viewers are re-directed to the artist Twitter page to learn more. Artists who have not registered their Twitter name with us, do not appear in this service and replaced by MPG Radios Twitter account name@mpgradio that brings visitors to MPG Radios Twitter account. (aka Stream Tweet)

Stream Spinner for Internet Radio Stations provides a feed of your stations streams on Stream Spinner feeds. To make this happen you will need a couple of things. 1. Twitter Keys and access tokens to send secure requests to the Twitter API. 2. Live Streams addresses to work with Stream Spinners TwitterOAuth library.

LISTENERSHIP and Music Placement and Duration

MPG Radio selects one composition from each artist placed in rotation on the Innovative Music Mix Stream (aka-Blended Music Mix). The criteria for music placement and duration is decided by listener-ship. To this end we reduce our play-list size and make available optional services on the Innovative Music Mix Stream. All other music remains on the stream stations that align with its music genre; Rock Town Lounge, Reflection Town, Metal Revolution, Digital City and Rebel Roads with multiple songs submissions by artists.
All Streams are subject to listener-ship placement and duration, this allows us to build a better play-lists to sort popular music and promote music that listener-ship desires.
From this process, music that qualifies will remain on streams stations that align with its music genre and selections that do not qualify will migrate to a New Stream Archive. This archive is the placement for music that has not received listener-ship.
How does music return from the archive? All streams will remain published and promoted through Stream Spinner and Stream Tweet services to remain open for opportunity to generate active listener-ship; when active listener-ship occurs, listened music transfers from the archive stream to appropriate genres bringing the music back to Rock Town Lounge, Reflection Town, Metal Revolution, Digital City or Rebel Roads streams.

How are popular songs built?

  • We collect listener presence on any given stream for the purpose of building music popularity.
  • To do this we identify if a connection is active on any particular stream for 1 minute or more.
  • Listening to a stations song for more than one minute adds a "Like" to the song and artists listened.
  • The more listeners that listen to any given artist, the more listener "Likes" they collect.
  • This in turn feeds the results of our Music Charts, building popular stations and artist music that is streamed on our site.

  • Submitting your music

    Reach out to us | Provide some music and details | If we have a home for you we will ask that you give us permission to play your music by uploading to our Station Media Servers.

    If you are interested other services...
    optional services 1
    On the Innovative Music Mix Stream contact us to learn more about submitting a song set of material. By default only one song may chosen to be played on the Innovative Music Mix Stream from submitted material; song sets increase visibility and spotlight the artist in rotation played.
    optional services 2
    Played Songs on Station Streams - Artist music listed displays a listen count, date, time and total plays in rotation. This gives the artist a inside view of their play counts and listener levels usually only made available for review internally for song placement and popularity. We feel that this is a nice offering to help artists grow. This will be a paid service as statistical information is specific to the artist and we prefer to NOT be made public.

    lightyearfm Light Year FM - A JOURNEY THROUGH SPACE, TIME, & MUSIC.
    Radio broadcasts leave Earth at the speed of light. Scroll away from Earth and hear how far the biggest hits of the past have travelled. The farther away you get, the longer the waves take to travel there—and the older the music you’ll hear.


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