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How The Chart works - Our station streams collects listener presence for the purpose of building music popularity. To do this we identify if a connection is active on any particular stream for 1 minute or more. Listening to a stations song for more than one minute adds a "plus one" vote to our database for the station and artist listened. Listener-ship, promotes the station and the artist, when select music is playing. The more listeners that listen to any given artist, the more listener votes they collect. This in turn feeds the results of our Music Charts, building popular stations and artist music that is streamed on our site.

The MPG Radio Music Listener Awards bring a unique perspective on artists milestones reached in the form of an Award, this fine accomplishment on their success is published in the top 100.
Silver Gold Diamond Platinum
Top 20 published Daily on Twitter @mpgradio

lightyearfm Light Year FM - A JOURNEY THROUGH SPACE, TIME, & MUSIC.
Radio broadcasts leave Earth at the speed of light. Scroll away from Earth and hear how far the biggest hits of the past have travelled. The farther away you get, the longer the waves take to travel there and the older the music you'll hear.


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